Fourth of July City of Tracy Parade

2018 4th of July City of Tracy Parade

Independence Day celebration is always loud and enthusiastic. July 4th is the day that we Americans shed the European feudal hierarchy system where there was no hope to rise up economically or politically unless your family was already there. I take pleasure in saying that these new and successful American ideas of individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise, self-government, justice, and equality were strongly influenced by Masons and the ideals taught in Masonry.

My thanks go out to the members of #460 and its concordant bodies for organizing and participating in this year’s City of Tracy July 4th parade.

W. Gary Reeve W.M.

Newest Entered Apprentice

On Wednesday, May 30th, Harvell Green was initiated into our Ancient and Honorable Fraternity.  Junior Warden Terry Maurice presided in the East and Worshipful Brother Bob Perrin gave the charge.  Following the degree, we enjoyed refreshments in the social hall.