March 2015 Events

Events for the month of March:

March is Youth Orders Month!

Sun Mar 1st – Lodge Work Day

Mon Mar 2nd – 7:00pm – Officers Practice

Tue Mar 3rd – 7:00pm – DeMolay Meeting

Sat Mar 6th – Job’s Daughters Council Meeting

Mon Mar 9th – 6:30pm Mount Oso Masonic Family Dinner

Mon Mar 9th – 7:30pm Stated Meeting

Tue Mar 10th – 7:00pm Job’s Daughters Meeting

Mon Mar 16th – Officer’s Practice & Second Degree Proficiency (SS)

Tue Mar 17th – 7:00pm – DeMolay Meeting

Mon Mar 23rd – 7:00pm – Officers Practice or Second Degree Conferral (CV)

Tue Mar 24th – 7:00pm Job’s Daughters Meeting

Tue Mar 25th – 6:00pm – Templeboard Meeting

Thur Mar 26th – 7:00pm – Officers School of Instruction (Manteca)

David Okamoto, WM

Congratulations to Tracy’s two newest Entered Apprentices!

Congratulations to Tracy’s two newest Entered Apprentices, Brothers Airrington and Azevedo.

On Monday, February 16, Mr John Airrington and Mr Augustine Azevedo were initiated in to our Ancient and Honorable Fraternity in a double First Degree conferral.

Junior Warden Matt Cook presided in the East and Brother Adam Karim gave the charge.

Following the degree we enjoyed coffee and cookies in the social hall.

Congratulations to our new Brothers Airrington and Azevedo!