Travel for the Gavel


Some of you have expressed interest in attending the stated meeting at Oak Summit Lodge in Knights Ferry on Tues. Oct 21st and get the traveling gavel. We need a minimum of 10 Brothers to retrieve this and so far we are a few short. All Masons are welcome to attend, Please respond back to me as soon as possible if you will be attending. We will meet at Mount Oso at 5:15 to carpool. Dinner will be at 6:30 followed by the stated meeting at 7:30.

Wor. Arley Smith

Relief for Masonic Families

Masonic Family Outreach Services (MFOS) provides needed support for California Masonic families statewide.

Qualifying California Masons (and their wives or widows) under age 60 may be eligible for one-time financial support during a transition phase. Financial assistance must serve as a bridge toward self-sufficiency and will be applied only as part of a MFOS-approved care plan.

California Master Masons in good standing for five consecutive years and their wives or widows are eligible for one-time financial assistance.

If you, or a Masonic family you know, need support, contact MFOS at or call 888-466-3642.